How a Pelican Survives a 40-Foot Drop Into the Ocean With No Broken Bones
It's more dangerous than it looks.... READ ON
What Makes Peregrine Falcons the Fastest Animals on Earth?
Cruising at rates between 40 and 60 miles per hour, one might say that the predatory bird is the cheetah of the sky.... READ ON
Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show the Value of Studying Both Sexes
A new study refutes the longstanding scientific assumption that studying female physiology is a waste of time.... READ ON
Wake Up to a Chorus of Bird Songs With This Mobile Alarm App
Finally, an alarm that you'll actually want to hear.... READ ON
It's Not Just Your Grandparents—Older Eagles Leave Early Too
An authentic variety of the Early Bird Special.... READ ON
From Gross to Gold Mine: How Bird Poop Became a Valuable Commodity 
In the mid-19th century, a European explorer noticed that the stinky stuff made great fertilizer.... READ ON
How You Can Help Protect Migrating Birds
Experts say collisions with windows are a “preventable problem.”... READ ON
Seniors' Knitting Group Crafts Sweaters For Chilly Chickens
Members launched the project after learning that some types of poultry simply aren't cut out for cold climates.... READ ON
Peacock Feathers Are Even More Majestic Under a Microscope
Photographer Waldo Nell captures the iridescent beauty of peacock feathers under the microscope. His work transforms a familiar object into abstract landscapes and still lifes. We hope you’ll enjoy the stunning result.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Don't Vultures Eat Live Prey?
Just like undertakers have the world’s most secure job, vultures have the world’s most secure food source.... READ ON
California Condors Will Be Reintroduced to the Wild
Government agencies and the Yurok tribe are teaming up to try to restore the endangered bird to its historic habitat.... READ ON
8 Ways Domestic Cats Are a Serious Threat to Nature
We adore them too. Really. But this is a major problem.... READ ON
Chickens Are Much, Much Smarter Than They Look
Scientist Lori Marino says the farmyard fowl are “vastly underrated.”... READ ON
44 Reasons Birds Are Just the Greatest
Birds are magic, you guys.... READ ON
The Top 10 Science Stories of 2016
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This Colorful Pigeon Is the Dodo’s Closest Living Relative
Years of isolation allowed the Nicobar pigeon to develop its brilliant plumage.... READ ON

Engineers have developed light bulbs that gather information about the surface the light hits, allowing anything to be used as a screen.

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