Overnight, Bulgaria's Capital Gets the City's First Monuments to Women
One artist secretly installed seven busts of herself.... READ ON
Australian Artist Creates Miniature Models of Gritty Urban Buildings
Joshua Smith finds beauty in urban decay.... READ ON
Tokyo Is Now Home to a Pop-Up Nap Cafe
Why sleep at home when you can sleep in public?... READ ON
"Americanah" Named First Pick for New York City’s Book Club
The goal is to get everyone in New York to read the same book at the same time.... READ ON
11 Fun Facts About Mill Ends Park, Portland’s Leprechaun Colony
“Ireland” may be the most popular first answer given when someone is asked about where leprechauns live, but Portland, Oregon has its very own population of little green-clad Irishmen, too.... READ ON
Living in a City Can Change How You View the Future
People living in denser environments have a more future-oriented mindset, one study finds.... READ ON
How Archaeologists and Locals Are Protecting Ancient Ruins in Peru
Shantytowns threaten to swallow Pachacámac, an important pre-Columbian archaeological complex.... READ ON
This Bike Map Shows You Where It's Safe to Ride
Mapzen's bike map grades a city's bike lane safety in tiers from safest to least safe.... READ ON
Compare New York City’s Past and Present in a New App
Take a virtual walking tour of New York City's Gilded Age architecture.... READ ON
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Raising Kids in the City Costs $9000 More Than in the Suburbs
But it depends on which suburb you're moving to.... READ ON
Berlin Is Planning New Bicycle Superhighways
The city wants to be able to compete with bike havens like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.... READ ON
Chicago Is Getting Musical, Light-Up Seesaws
The art installation, called "Impulse," will be at Navy Pier until May.... READ ON
Wichita Gets Safer Bike Lanes Thanks to Toilet Plungers
Plunging toward traffic safety.... READ ON
This Interactive Map Lets You See Which Local Bridges Are Safe
More than 130,000 bridges in the U.S. are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.... READ ON
David Bowie's Birthplace May Soon Be Home to a Giant Lightning Bolt Sculpture
The sculpture would resemble the one painted across Bowie's face on the cover of 1973's 'Aladdin Sane.'... READ ON
New York's Golden Girls-Themed Cafe Is Finally Here
They serve cheesecake, naturally.... READ ON

H. Cecil Booth, inventor of the first suction-powered vacuum, first experimented by covering his lips with various fabrics and taking giant gulps of detritus off his floor.

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