The First Digital Typeface to Include Welsh Letters
Cymru Wales was designed for the Welsh government.... READ ON
A Scientist Re-Engineered the Wine Bottle So It Doesn't Drip
A very simple design tweak could make pouring wine neater for everyone.... READ ON
Australian Artist Creates Miniature Models of Gritty Urban Buildings
Joshua Smith finds beauty in urban decay.... READ ON
Unicorn Candle Holder Cries Waxy, Rainbow Tears
Watch your captured unicorn cry over and over.... READ ON
This Smart Jacket Gives You a Back Rub When Someone Touches You
Designer Pauline van Dongen unveiled the smart garment at the 2017 SXSW conference.... READ ON
This Smart Wall Calendar Looks Like Paper and Acts Like an App
Owners can update their calendar at home no matter where they are.... READ ON
These Ties Are Made of Spider Silk
Only 50 people will get to wear them, though.... READ ON
The Forgotten Uses of 8 Everyday Objects
So that's what it's for!... READ ON
Brilliant LEGO Tape Lets You Build on Any Surface
This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.... READ ON
Plush Cacti Are Actually Socks in Disguise
Plants you can wear.... READ ON
Samsung’s New TV Doubles as a Piece of Art
When turned on, the TV functions as a normal HD television. When turned off, it replaces the blank screen with a painting or a photograph.... READ ON
This Bike Map Shows You Where It's Safe to Ride
Mapzen's bike map grades a city's bike lane safety in tiers from safest to least safe.... READ ON
A Clock That Forces You to Do Math to Find Out the Time
The Albert Clock challenges you to keep your multiplication and division skills sharp.... READ ON
Relive the Past With A Keyboard That Looks and Feels Like an Old Typewriter
Get clacking.... READ ON
Behind the Scenes With a Master Maze Maker
Adrian Fisher's complex puzzle networks can be found in some 40 countries around the globe.... READ ON
Compare New York City’s Past and Present in a New App
Take a virtual walking tour of New York City's Gilded Age architecture.... READ ON

H. Cecil Booth, inventor of the first suction-powered vacuum, first experimented by covering his lips with various fabrics and taking giant gulps of detritus off his floor.

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