Take a Virtual Walk Through Japan's Otherworldly Wisteria Tunnels
The Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan, is home to 150 plants and 20 different species of the flowering vine.... READ ON
Cheerios Is Giving Away 100 Million Wildflower Seeds to Help Honeybees
Sign up for a free packet of 500 wildflower seeds.... READ ON
D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms Will Arrive Extra Early This Year
An unseasonably warm winter (what is seasonal anymore, anyway?) has forced organizers to start the capital’s beloved annual Cherry Blossom Festival one week early.... READ ON
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For the Best Deal, Order Your Valentine's Day Flowers Now
Love is free, but romance certainly isn't.... READ ON
14 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Florists
Here’s why they hate the holidays.... READ ON
These Clever Jewels Help You Become a Walking Garden
Customizable jewelry for nature lovers.... READ ON
The Dangerous and Highly Competitive World of Victorian Orchid Hunting
The quest for orchids once involved fierce rivalries, huge sums of money, and several grisly deaths.... READ ON
West Michigan Is Home to a Giant Lavender Labyrinth
It takes about an hour to amble to the center of the maze.... READ ON
Why Are There Suddenly So Many Corpse Flowers in Bloom?
The flower's infrequent blooms are popping up everywhere, and scientists aren't sure why.... READ ON
Meet the Kankakee Mallow: a Flower Only Found on a Small Island in Illinois
Until recently, the plant hadn't been seen in the wild in 10 years.... READ ON
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Corpse Flower at New York Botanical Garden Slated to Bloom This Weekend
Hold your noses, folks.... READ ON
Bumblebees’ Hair Helps Them Decide Where to Eat
A new study suggests that the stiff hairs all over bees’ bodies are sensitive to electrical fields, including those emitted by flowers.... READ ON
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London's Flower Show Has a Giant Red Carpet Made of More Than 300,000 Crocheted Poppies
The fiber blossoms pay tribute to those who've served in wars.... READ ON
A “Roald Dahl Rose” Celebrates the Author’s Love of Gardens
An English rose, debuting at a UK flower show this week, honors the author’s 100th birthday.... READ ON
Jeni's Wants to Replace Your Vanilla Ice Cream With Ylang Ylang
The ice cream company is debuting new summer flavors this week.... READ ON
How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer
What to do to keep your vase full of flowers from wilting.... READ ON

H. Cecil Booth, inventor of the first suction-powered vacuum, first experimented by covering his lips with various fabrics and taking giant gulps of detritus off his floor.

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