Canadian Animal Services Officers Rescue Pudgy Beaver Stuck in Fence 
They used dish soap to help it wriggle to freedom.... READ ON
Balenciaga Creates a $2145 Version of IKEA's $1 Tote Bag
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The Possible Origins of 7 Instantly Recognizable Visual Clichés
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22 Outlawed Baby Names From Around the World
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Live Smarter
This Sticker Book Rewards You for Washing Dishes and Going to the Gym
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Dallas Bookstore Gets People to Read Literature by Turning It Into Clickbait 
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Peeps Oreos Will Dye Your Poop Bright Pink
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Peek Inside YouTube Star Simone Giertz’s Robotics Lab
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Here's What R2-D2 Would Sound Like With a Human Voice
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8 Times Cats Interrupted Things
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Fifth Grader Contacts the Police for Help—With Her Math Homework
While the officers' hearts were in the right place, their numbers weren't.... READ ON
Drivers in Iceland are Being Pulled Over for Being Distracted by the Northern Lights
Distracted driving is still dangerous, even if the view is great.... READ ON
Dating App Matches You Based on a Mutual Hatred of Things
Dating apps typically pair couples up according to their shared interests, but Hater matches users on the basis of their dislikes.... READ ON
6 Things We Learned from Pizza Planet, the Toy Story Punk Band
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Pick the Wintery Punch Line
39 Fun Questions to Ask Amazon Echo
"Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?"... READ ON

Engineers have developed light bulbs that gather information about the surface the light hits, allowing anything to be used as a screen.

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