Scientists Grow Human Heart Cells in Spinach Leaves
Plants’ natural vein structure makes them an excellent medium for growing human heart tissue.... READ ON
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The Relationship Between Diet and Brain Performance
The reason you're so sluggish may have to do with what you eat.... READ ON
12 Creative Ways to Get More Spinach Into Your Diet
Channel your inner Popeye.... READ ON
Aerospace Company Wants to Fight Hunger With Edible Drones
Honeycomb, vegetables, and salami are used to build the aircraft.... READ ON
This Smartphone Attachment Can Test Male Fertility
The device can identify abnormalities with 98 percent accuracy.... READ ON
New Study Explains Why Some Flu Vaccines Work Better Than Others
Scientists say some flu-shot formulations activate our dendritic cells, encouraging our immune systems to fight harder against the virus.... READ ON
12 Facts You May Be Missing About Richard Simmons
An anonymous note left on his car window changed Simmons's life forever.... READ ON
Scientists Develop Quick, Inexpensive Paper Blood Type Test
The cheap test could do a world of good in the places that need it the most.... READ ON
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Constantly Congested? Ease Up on the Nasal Spray
Overusing decongestants and other drugs can cause a rebound effect, producing the same symptoms the drug was intended to treat.... READ ON
Among H.S. Athletes, Girls Have Higher Concussion Rates Than Boys
From 2010 to 2015, the concussion rate in girls’ soccer was higher than that for boys’ football.... READ ON
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6 Ways to Clean Your Ears Without Cotton Swabs
Early this year, the American Academy of Otolaryngology officially advised against using cotton swabs to clean one's ears. Here are six doctor-approved methods to try instead.... READ ON
7 Old-Fashioned Remedies for the Common Cold
Alcohol, opium, and leeches to treat a cold? No, thank you! Here are seven old-timey cold remedies that are better left in the past.... READ ON
The Fart Jars of 17th Century Europe
There was a perfectly sound reason why physicians advised patients to capture farts in a bottle.... READ ON
Small Dietary Changes Could Bring Big Environmental Gains
It could save the U.S. $77 billion (or more) in healthcare costs and reduce each person’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 500 pounds per year.... READ ON
Study Links Depression With Gut Bacteria Imbalance
Scientists hope to one day replace antidepressants with probiotics.... READ ON
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Want to Eat Healthier? Listen to Your Biological Clock
Knowing your chronotype can help you make better food choices.... READ ON

H. Cecil Booth, inventor of the first suction-powered vacuum, first experimented by covering his lips with various fabrics and taking giant gulps of detritus off his floor.

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