5 People Who Were Suspected of Being Jack the Ripper
Modern research still hasn't solved the case, but these are some intriguing possibilities.... READ ON
Why Women Couldn’t Wear Pants on the Senate Floor Until 1993
Two political pioneers staged a "Pantsuit Revolution."... READ ON
Emperor Norton, San Francisco’s Most Beloved 19th-Century Eccentric
Joshua Norton declared himself "Emperor of These United States"—and San Francisco loved him for it.... READ ON
John Wilkes Booth's Brother Saved Abe Lincoln's Son
An odd connection between the Lincoln and Booth families.... READ ON
Why Ice Cream Parlors Were Once Considered Evil
A den of corruption, prostitution, and sin.... READ ON
50 Years Ago, McDonald's Was a Very Different Place
Here's a glance into the history of the Golden Arches.... READ ON
Cool Job Alert: American Girl Is Hiring a Historian
The company is looking for a researcher to verify the historical accuracy of its products.... READ ON
A New Museum Honoring Anne of Green Gables Author Is in the Works
A fan group plans to convert author L.M. Montgomery's home in Norval, Ontario into a literary landmark.... READ ON
9 Women Who Helped Win the American Revolution
Women played vital roles in the Revolution, serving as soldiers, raising morale, and even spying on the enemy.... READ ON
New App Takes You Inside the Edinburgh of the 16th Century
Researchers have reconstructed how the Scottish city would have looked shortly before it was largely destroyed by the English army in 1544.... READ ON
Pink Used To Be Yellow (No, Really)
Look up the word pink in the dictionary, and you’ll probably find a lot more definitions than you might have expected. But of all the word’s meanings, the oldest on record is one that appears in only the most comprehensive dictionaries: Pink used to be yellow.... READ ON
Germinal, Floréal, Prairial: The Re-Imagined Spring of the French Revolutionary Calendar
Following the unseating of the French monarchy and the institution of the French Republic in 1792, cultural revisionism was all the rage—and it extended to the Gregorian calendar.... READ ON
Forgotten Female Composer Finally Gets Credit for Her Famous Sonata
For decades, the long-lost “Easter Sonata” was thought to be the work of composer Felix Mendelssohn. In fact, it was his sister's creation.... READ ON
On This Day in 1957, Elvis Bought Graceland
He bought the mansion for his parents to live in.... READ ON
8 Vintage Hairstyling Products Your Grandmother Probably Swore By
She wouldn't have been caught dead without her creme rinse.... READ ON
A Brief History of the Irish Snug
Not so long ago, women couldn't be seen drinking in an Irish pub. Instead, they drank privately in snugs.... READ ON

On March 1st, 1912, Captain Albert Berry became the first person to parachute from an airplane...and walk away.

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