15 Heartwarming Facts About Mister Rogers
Though he passed away in 2003, Fred Rogers remains an icon of kindness for the ages.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Times Kids Stole the Spotlight on Live Television
The biggest danger to any live broadcast is that anything can happen.... READ ON
Can You Figure Out This Math Problem Intended for 7-Year-Olds?
Are you smarter than a second-grader?... READ ON
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When Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?
Parents give smart phones to kids as young as 10, but experts warn they might be in too big a hurry.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Raising Kids in the City Costs $9000 More Than in the Suburbs
But it depends on which suburb you're moving to.... READ ON
5-Year-Old Edith Fuller Is the Scripps National Spelling Bee’s Youngest Speller Ever
Can you spell "victory"?... READ ON
Cursive Is Regaining Popularity in U.S. Schools
Traditional script isn't disappearing anytime soon.... READ ON
When Mr. Rogers Went to Washington
In 1969, Fred Rogers went before the Senate to plead for a $20 million grant for public broadcasting, which had been proposed by President Johnson but was in danger of being sliced in half by Richard Nixon.... READ ON
Sesame Street Writing Fellowship Shines a Spotlight on Diversity
New writers can apply for the chance to learn from the creative professionals behind the beloved children's show.... READ ON
New Study Finds No Link Between Childhood Cat Ownership and Psychosis
Contrary to prior reports, the new study found that living with a cat before birth or in childhood did not increase adolescents’ risk of experiencing psychotic episodes.... READ ON
6 Questionable Historical Methods of Controlling Children
Parents of the past had their shortcuts too.... READ ON
10 Colorful Facts About Coloring Books
The first coloring books marketed to adults came out in 1961.... READ ON
Jumping Around Can Help Kids Learn Math
A Danish study found that integrating physical activity into math lessons boosted kids’ test scores.... READ ON
5 Gross-Out Games for Kids
Warning: Don't bring these out in front of polite company.... READ ON
LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
Young LEGO maniacs can now turn their fandom into a safe and social experience.... READ ON
Little Girls Start Believing Harmful Gender Stereotypes by Age 6
Five-year-old girls in an experiment had equal expectations of intelligence for both genders. Six-year-olds thought men and boys were smarter.... READ ON

A working title for Gone With the Wind was Baa! Baa! Black Sheep.

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