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9 Signs You've Been in Your Job for Too Long
Don't waste any more time in a boring, draining, or dead-end position.... READ ON
12 Ways to Use Leftover Eggshells
Don't throw out all those extra eggshells!... READ ON
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6 Training Tips to Steal From Boston Marathoners
Today marks the 121st Boston Marathon, and these tips can help you become a better runner, whether or not you ever hoof it up Heartbreak Hill.... READ ON
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Owe Money to the IRS? You Could Score a Free One-Way Trip with JetBlue
The airline is giving away 1000 free one-way flights until April 25.... READ ON
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How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch in 6 Steps
You have less than a minute to make a lasting impression—what should you say?... READ ON
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New Research Shows Too Much Time on Facebook Could Be Making You Sad
Your mom was right: Spending more time chatting with friends online than in real life could be negatively affecting your health.... READ ON
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Want Something? Asking in Person Is 34 Times More Effective Than Email
Sometimes it's worth it to leave your desk and talk face-to-face.... READ ON
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Viewing Your Job as Your "Calling" Can Lead to Letdown and Burnout
Putting too much pressure on your ability to change the world at work can lead you to quit your industry altogether.... READ ON
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5 Tips for Staying Safe and Sane While Traveling With Your Pet
Our pets are part of the family—so sometimes, a family vacation isn't complete without them.... READ ON
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There's a New Way for Amazon Customers to Make Purchases With Cash
With Amazon Cash, you can add money to your Amazon balance at participating stores.... READ ON
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4 Steps to Take if You Clog a Public Toilet
Stay calm, and handle this nightmare situation with grace.... READ ON
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Furry Friends Could Help Prevent Allergies and Obesity in Babies
A study found higher levels of protective bacteria in infants who lived with cats and dogs.... READ ON
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How to Answer 4 Tricky Job Interview Questions
Only an interview separates you and your dream job. But to get there, you have to navigate through a minefield of tricky questions.... READ ON
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Google Is Using Snopes and PolitiFact to Fact-Check Fake News
Know before you click whether the answer is bogus.... READ ON
New Recycling Method Could Make Fast Fashion Less Wasteful
Unlike current textile recycling methods, this new fabric would come out even stronger afterward.... READ ON
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ClassPass Members Can Now Stream Video Workouts from Home
Enjoy barre, HIIT, and yoga classes from the comfort of your very own living room.... READ ON