A Common Steroid May Have the Potential to Treat PTSD
The drug manipulates the expression of a specific gene associated with the disease.... READ ON
Scientists Grow Human Heart Cells in Spinach Leaves
Plants’ natural vein structure makes them an excellent medium for growing human heart tissue.... READ ON
On This Day in 1953, Jonas Salk Announced His Polio Vaccine
He saved kids' lives and became a celebrity.... READ ON
DNA Copying Errors Could Be the Most Common Cause of Cancer
Researchers say the majority of cancer-causing mutations may be the result of errors created in the DNA replication process, not of environmental factors or heredity.... READ ON
New Study Explains Why Some Flu Vaccines Work Better Than Others
Scientists say some flu-shot formulations activate our dendritic cells, encouraging our immune systems to fight harder against the virus.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Constantly Congested? Ease Up on the Nasal Spray
Overusing decongestants and other drugs can cause a rebound effect, producing the same symptoms the drug was intended to treat.... READ ON
Among H.S. Athletes, Girls Have Higher Concussion Rates Than Boys
From 2010 to 2015, the concussion rate in girls’ soccer was higher than that for boys’ football.... READ ON
Scientists Find Physiological Markers for Depression and Schizophrenia
People with depression produced higher-than-average levels of the hormone AVP; the reverse was true for people with schizophrenia.... READ ON
7 Old-Fashioned Remedies for the Common Cold
Alcohol, opium, and leeches to treat a cold? No, thank you! Here are seven old-timey cold remedies that are better left in the past.... READ ON
Study Links Depression With Gut Bacteria Imbalance
Scientists hope to one day replace antidepressants with probiotics.... READ ON
New Skin Patch Monitors Glucose and Delivers Diabetes Drugs
The patch uses sweat, not blood, to monitor blood sugar levels.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Antibiotics, Pain Meds, and a Vegetarian Diet Found in Neanderthal Teeth
Dental plaque traps bits of food, bacteria, and pathogens. That might be bad news for you, but it’s good news for archaeologists.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
9 Up-Close Scientific Images from the Wellcome Image Awards
The Wellcome Image Awards recognize the best of scientific and medical imagery from the past year.... READ ON
Sponsored by Origins
9 Little-Known Contributions to Medicine
Presented by National Geographic Channel.... READ ON
No-Needle Migraine Treatment Relieves Kids’ Pain Fast, Study Finds
A sphenopalatine ganglion block involves a small catheter inserted into a patient’s nostril and is already commonly used for adults.... READ ON
The Body
7 Amazing Facts About the Amygdala
We're still learning about one of the most important structures of the brain.... READ ON

H. Cecil Booth, inventor of the first suction-powered vacuum, first experimented by covering his lips with various fabrics and taking giant gulps of detritus off his floor.

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