New York City Museum Seeks Funds to Open Permanent Jim Henson Exhibition
The exhibit will include over 40 original puppets donated by the Henson family.... READ ON
The Quiet Strength of Julia, the First Muppet with Autism
The first new felt-faced Sesame Street cast member in a decade spent years in development. Her objective? To help viewers better understand the complex world of autism.... READ ON
Sesame Street Introduces Julia, a New Muppet With Autism
It’s important for kids without autism to see what autism can look like.... READ ON
Watch Jim Henson's (Slightly) Spooky 1965 'Shrinkel and Stretchel' TV Commercial
They're like Hansel and Gretel...except they're pitch-Muppets for a defunct fabric company.... READ ON
A Labyrinth Exhibit Is Opening in Atlanta
Now you too can journey into the Goblin City... READ ON
Bert & Ernie Go to the Movies
Revisit a charming segment in which Ernie can't keep his mouth shut. (Shh!)... READ ON
The Time Kermit the Frog Covered Talking Heads
Twenty years ago, Kermie channeled his inner Scottish rocker for a once-in-a-lifetime TV performance.... READ ON
13 Fun Facts About The Muppet Movie
When The Muppets made their feature film debut in 1979, the result was pure magic.... READ ON
The Sesame Workshop Wants to Take Child Refugees to School
The Muppet factory is bringing education to where it's needed most.... READ ON
8 Complaints to the FCC About Children's TV
17 Fun Facts About Fraggle Rock
Dance your cares away.... READ ON
Sesame Street Introduces First Afghan Muppet: Zari
She's six years old, purple, and awesome.... READ ON
10 Fun Facts About Muppet Treasure Island
Of the many adaptations of ‘Treasure Island,’ it’s the only one to cast an amphibian as Captain Smollett—and the first to provoke a lawsuit from the makers of Spam.... READ ON
Meet The Woman Behind Miss Piggy
Designer Bonnie Erickson fashioned beloved Muppets like Miss Piggy and Statler and Waldorf.... READ ON
Her Name Was Skeeter: The Mystery of the Missing Muppet
Skeeter's disappearance is a conspiracy that stretches to the top floors of entertainment.... READ ON
The Jim Henson Hour: Secrets of the Muppets
Henson explains how the muppets ride bicycles. (!!)... READ ON

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