Match the Musician With Their Debut Album
A Queen-Inspired Monopoly Game Is on Its Way
The British rock band will release their own personalized version of the classic board game in May.... READ ON
Forgotten Female Composer Finally Gets Credit for Her Famous Sonata
For decades, the long-lost “Easter Sonata” was thought to be the work of composer Felix Mendelssohn. In fact, it was his sister's creation.... READ ON
When Chuck Berry Became a Beach Boy
If you think the wholesale pilfering of songs began when Vanilla Ice swiped the bass line from David Bowie and Queen’s song “Under Pressure” for “Ice, Ice Baby,” think again.... READ ON
This Kinetic Sculpture Plays Rock Music Using Actual Rocks
Listen to it play The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."... READ ON
Coming Soon: Two Unreleased David Bowie Albums
The limited edition LPs will be released in honor of Record Store Day's 10th anniversary on April 22.... READ ON
A Revolutionary Toy Idea: 'Hamilton: The LEGO Set' 
"The plan is to fan this spark into a flame..."... READ ON
Meet the Man Who Makes Musical Instruments From Ice
Tim Linhart is the founder of Ice Music, an orchestra of frozen violins, cellos, basses, and more.... READ ON
14 Sunny Facts About The O.C.
6. Mitchell Hurwitz wanted the show's cast to make a guest appearance on 'Arrested Development.'... READ ON
Name the Back-Up Group 
Amazing Cover Gives Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' a Jazz Makeover
The metal classic has received a vintage makeover.... READ ON
A Margaritaville-Themed Retirement Community is Coming to Florida
For seniors who dream of spending retirement like they’re living in a Jimmy Buffett song.... READ ON
6 Times the Wrong Winner Was Announced
Mistakes happen.... READ ON
People Like Sharks More When They Swim to Upbeat Music
New research indicates that the ominous music that often accompanies footage of sharks leaves viewers with a negative impression of these great big fish—and that this effect is lessened when upbeat music is played instead.... READ ON
10 Fab Facts About George Harrison
Watch Live as People Reenact The Beatles' Abbey Road Crossing
A live webcam in the world-famous recording studio is trained on the famed zebra crossing 24/7.... READ ON

A working title for Gone With the Wind was Baa! Baa! Black Sheep.

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