Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Crusader-Era Shipwreck Discovered on Israeli Coast
The ship may have been helmed by soldiers fleeing the historic Siege of Acre.... READ ON
New Study Explains Why Some Flu Vaccines Work Better Than Others
Scientists say some flu-shot formulations activate our dendritic cells, encouraging our immune systems to fight harder against the virus.... READ ON
"Dr. Fraud" Sting Nabs Dozens of Phony Scientific Journals
Researcher Anna O. Szust (“Anna, a fraud” in Polish) was offered an editorial position at 48 publications despite her flimsy credentials—and the fact that she doesn’t exist.... READ ON
Study Finds Male Tennis Players Are More Likely to Choke Under Pressure
In the pressure cooker that is Grand Slam tennis, men are more likely to choke than women.... READ ON
15 Women Who Have Won Science Nobel Prizes Since Marie Curie
Marie Curie famously snagged two Nobel Prizes, but many other women have also been awarded the Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine Nobels, too. Here are their stories.... READ ON
7 New Minerals Created by Human Activity
These new minerals have been found in mines, shipwrecks, and even inside museum drawers.... READ ON
Germany Is Converting a Coal Mine Into a "Battery" for Renewable Energy
The system will provide enough energy to power more than 400,000 homes.... READ ON
Scientists Develop Quick, Inexpensive Paper Blood Type Test
The cheap test could do a world of good in the places that need it the most.... READ ON
Siberian Hamster Testicles are Growing, Which Means the Vernal Equinox is Here
It's a pretty granular-level effect of the axial tilt of an entire planet.... READ ON
Tardigrades Produce Glass Shields to Survive Extreme Conditions
These microscopic monsters just get weirder and weirder.... READ ON
10 Facts About Being a Climate Scientist—From Climate Scientists
What exactly is a climate scientist, and how do they make sense of the complicated systems that rule our lives on the planet?... READ ON
Living in a City Can Change How You View the Future
People living in denser environments have a more future-oriented mindset, one study finds.... READ ON
Antibiotics Raise Mortality Risk for Honeybees, Study Finds
Scientists say the drugs routinely administered by beekeepers could be “an underappreciated factor in colony collapse.”... READ ON
Scientists Find Physiological Markers for Depression and Schizophrenia
People with depression produced higher-than-average levels of the hormone AVP; the reverse was true for people with schizophrenia.... READ ON
How Archaeologists and Locals Are Protecting Ancient Ruins in Peru
Shantytowns threaten to swallow Pachacámac, an important pre-Columbian archaeological complex.... READ ON
New Study Replicates Stanley Milgram’s Infamous Shock Experiments
Around 90 percent of Polish subjects were willing to administer painful electric shocks to a stranger when instructed by a scientist in the lab.... READ ON

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