Tokyo Is Now Home to a Pop-Up Nap Cafe
Why sleep at home when you can sleep in public?... READ ON
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Want to Eat Healthier? Listen to Your Biological Clock
Knowing your chronotype can help you make better food choices.... READ ON
Wild Elephants May Get the Least Sleep of Any Mammal
Scientists say some survive on as little as two hours a night and can go up to 46 hours without sleeping.... READ ON
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11 Steps for Stress-Free Mattress Shopping
Some companies will donate your brand-new mattress to charity if you don't like it—and still give you a full refund.... READ ON
You Can Now Wear the Eyes of Famous Portraits As You Sleep
The project is called “Masterpieces Never Sleep!”... READ ON
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Why It’s Essential to Get Enough Sleep During Flu Season
A small study of identical twins found that missing even a little sleep can suppress the immune system and increase susceptibility to germs.... READ ON
Meet the Smart Bed That Warms Your Feet
New Sleep Number bed claims to reduce snoring and restless sleep—and can even act as a warming oven for your feet.... READ ON
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Missing Just One to Two Hours of Sleep Doubles Your Risk of Car Crash
Scarily, 35 percent of American adults sleep less than seven hours daily.... READ ON
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Our Poor Sleep Habits Cost the Economy Billions Each Year
Sleep-deprivation hurts more than just yourself.... READ ON
We Eat a Lot More When We’re Tired
Unsurprisingly, we do not exercise more to make up for it.... READ ON
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How to Find Your Chronotype—And How Knowing It Can Help You
Are you a Bear, Wolf, Dolphin, or Lion?... READ ON
The ‘NodPod’ Makes It Possible to Fall Asleep on a Plane
The "head hammock" offers a solution for travelers who don’t mind looking silly.... READ ON
What Would Happen to Your Body If You Stayed in Bed Forever?
Not good things, to our dismay.... READ ON
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Go to Sleep: Your Dreams May Help You Prepare for Disaster
Here's yet another reason to make a good night's sleep a priority: You're missing a potentially vital opportunity to practice essential survival skills.... READ ON
Baby Monkeys Are the Most Smiley Sleepers Around
D'awwww.... READ ON
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Dissatisfied With Your Marriage? Sleep On It
A small study of young couples found that people who got a little extra sleep were happier with their relationships the next day.... READ ON

The Arctic gets its name from the Greek word for "bear" (arctos) because of its proximity to the constellation "Ursa Major" ("great bear" in Latin).

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