Download NASA's Colorful TRAPPIST-1 Travel Poster
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Astronomers Find Seven "Earth-Like" Planets Orbiting a Cool Star
“It’s the first time we have seven planets in this temperate zone … that can be called terrestrial,” lead author Michaël Gillon said in a press briefing.... READ ON
On This Day in 1930, Clyde Tombaugh Discovered Pluto
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5 Cratered Facts About Mercury
2. It once had an imaginary friend called Vulcan.... READ ON
NASA Announces Winners of the 'Space Poop Challenge'
Last year NASA asked for help dealing with space poop, and the public came through.... READ ON
Museum Finds Winston Churchill’s Lost Essay on Extraterrestrial Life
The essay is pure Churchill: expansive, informed, philosophical, and just a little bit cranky.... READ ON
Photographer Creates Detailed Exoplanets Out of Styrofoam
Adam Makarenko takes a grade school science project to new heights.... READ ON
New Imaging Technique Reveals Baby Pictures of Our Universe
Clearing visual noise from Hubble images exposed glittering fields of old, old, old galaxies.... READ ON
6 Unexpected Consequences of a Solar Eclipse
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Big Question
How Does the Restroom in the International Space Station Work?
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10 Weird Planetary Phenomena Discovered by Amateur Astronomers
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Astronaut Records Elusive "Blue Jet" Lightning From Space
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Look Up! It's the Snow Moon Lunar Eclipse Comet Spectacular
A trifecta of celestial entertainment arrives tomorrow night.... READ ON
A Fireball Landed in Lake Michigan This Morning
The meteorite’s flaming descent was visible from Kentucky to Canada.... READ ON
The Apollo Astronaut Who Was Allergic to the Moon
In 1972, geologist Harrison Schmitt became the only professional scientist to ever put boots on the Moon. And then he began sneezing.... READ ON
On This Day in 1971, Apollo 14 Golfers Arrived on the Moon
The next day, Alan Shepard swung his smuggled six-iron.... READ ON

One of the drugs Nazis experimented with in 1944 was D-IX, a cocaine-based compound that included both an amphetamine and a morphine-related chemical to dull pain. Nazi doctors found that test subjects could march 55 miles before having to rest. Luckily,

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