Researchers Discover New Species of Giant Spider
They knew they were on to something when they found a "giant" exoskeleton in a Mexico cave.... READ ON
Spiders Eat Hundreds of Millions of TONS of Bugs Every Year
The next time you see a spider, maybe let it know you appreciate its hard work by leaving it be.... READ ON
A Magical Discovery: Introducing the ‘Sorting Hat’ Spider
J.K. Rowling said she was “truly honored” by the name researchers chose for the tiny “fantastic beast.”... READ ON
Jumping Spiders Can Hear Just Fine, Thank You Very Much
Scientists previously believed the tiny arachnids could only hear noises a few centimeters away.... READ ON
Watch This Cute Dancing Spider Entrance His Mate
If his dance moves don't impress, she eats him alive.... READ ON
Spiders Tune the Strings of Their Webs
They've evolved to be tiny, eight-legged musicians.... READ ON
Scientists Discover 7 Flamboyant New Peacock Spiders
The males of these Australian spiders know how to show off.... READ ON
7 Unexpected Animal Beauty Pageants
9 Animals That Use Electricity
We all know about the fish-zapping powers of the electric eel, but what about the platypus, the dolphin, or the spider?... READ ON
This Skydiving Spider Can Target You From Above
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a Selenops.... READ ON
Pesticides Can Alter Spider Personalities, Study Finds
Exposure to insecticide alters the behavior of bronze jumping spiders, Canadian researchers write.... READ ON
Some Spiders Can “Sail” Across Water
Whether it’s one creeping around some dark corner of your house or crawling over its web in a field or forest, most spiders we encounter are found on solid ground. Some spiders aren’t entirely earth-bound, though. They’re also also masters of air travel and, it turns out, sailing.... READ ON
15 Arachnophobic Facts About Camel Spiders
First off, they're not even spiders.... READ ON
18 Creepy Facts about Arachnophobia
This skin-crawling classic turns 25 today.... READ ON
The Surprising Science Hidden in Charlotte's Web
E.B. White's famed children's book may contain talking animals, but it also maintains a surprising studiousness when it comes to the true science of arachnids.... READ ON
How a Lying Plant Steals from a Thieving Fly
The smearwort (Aristolochia rotunda) dupes fruit flies into entering its flowers and then traps them there, getting pollinated without offering any reward.... READ ON

Engineers have developed light bulbs that gather information about the surface the light hits, allowing anything to be used as a screen.

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