9 Cases That Do More Than Protect Your iPhone
Expect more from your phone case.... READ ON
Watch Hilariously Awkward Robots Rap About Their Machine-Learning Skills
"I got 99 problems / But learning by imitation from human-human interactions ain't one."... READ ON
This Smartphone Attachment Can Test Male Fertility
The device can identify abnormalities with 98 percent accuracy.... READ ON
Germany Is Converting a Coal Mine Into a "Battery" for Renewable Energy
The system will provide enough energy to power more than 400,000 homes.... READ ON
The Strange Fate of Taco Bell's Taco-Making Machine
The seasoned beef behemoth could make 900 tacos an hour. So why didn't it catch on?... READ ON
New App Takes You Inside the Edinburgh of the 16th Century
Researchers have reconstructed how the Scottish city would have looked shortly before it was largely destroyed by the English army in 1544.... READ ON
You Can Now Check the Weather in Virtual Reality
AccuWeather has launched a Samsung Gear VR app to experience the weather outside (or across the country) live.... READ ON
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To Compete With Siri, Samsung Will Launch a New Digital Assistant: Bixby
The new Samsung Galaxy S8—and Bixby—will officially debut on March 29.... READ ON
Big Question
What Happens When Someone Named Alexa Buys an Amazon Echo?
Your smart home device can get dumb in a hurry when it has to share a name with a human.... READ ON
Low-Income New Yorkers Can Now Get Low-Cost Internet
Charter is offering eligible households internet access for $15 a month.... READ ON
Netflix Is Getting Rid of Its Five-Star Ranking System
They're replacing it with a simplified thumbs up-thumbs down rating.... READ ON
This Smart Jacket Gives You a Back Rub When Someone Touches You
Designer Pauline van Dongen unveiled the smart garment at the 2017 SXSW conference.... READ ON
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New Chrome Update Will Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life
The update makes it easier to run a million tabs at a time without crashing your computer.... READ ON
This Smart Wall Calendar Looks Like Paper and Acts Like an App
Owners can update their calendar at home no matter where they are.... READ ON
These Ties Are Made of Spider Silk
Only 50 people will get to wear them, though.... READ ON
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When Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?
Parents give smart phones to kids as young as 10, but experts warn they might be in too big a hurry.... READ ON

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