Mobile Game From Merriam-Webster Tests Your Dictionary Knowledge
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Master the Game in Style With the 'Zelda: The Breath of the Wild' Strategy Books
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Throw Back Drinks With This Retro Zelda Cartridge
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Have Every Retro Nintendo Game at Your Fingertips for $150
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10 Infectious Facts About Resident Evil
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This Map Plans Your Next Road Trip Around America's Best Pinball Parlors
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You Can Now Experience Walden as a Video Game
Channel Henry David Thoreau without isolating yourself in the woods.... READ ON
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Nintendo Switch Game Cartridges Taste Terrible (for a Very Good Reason)
In case you have kids. Or just in case you like to eat video games.... READ ON
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81-Year-Old Woman Develops Mobile Game Based on Japanese Holiday
It took her six months to learn how to code.... READ ON
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Xbox One to Offer 'Netflix for Games'
For $10 a month, users will be able to binge-play to their hearts' content.... READ ON
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Dedicated Fan Spent Three Years Beating All 714 NES Games
Set aside a spare 3400 hours and maybe you can do it, too.... READ ON
How Many Miles does Mario Run in Super Mario Bros?
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Chart the Evolution of Nintendo's Zelda Franchise
This infographic shows how the games have evolved over the years, from its NES debut to 2017's 'Breath of the Wild.'... READ ON
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An Oral History of Nintendo's Power Glove
How Michael Jackson, Mattel, and the Japanese mafia influenced the ahead-of-its-time NES accessory.... READ ON
Go Inside an Intensely Detailed Minecraft Version of Downtown Chicago
The virtual version of the city took years to complete.... READ ON
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A Hidden Coin in Donkey Kong 64 Went Undetected for 17 Years
Players now need to collect 977 coins to complete a full run.... READ ON

A working title for Gone With the Wind was Baa! Baa! Black Sheep.

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